10 tips for the “health” of your leather sofa

10 tips for the “health” of your leather sofa
9 May 2017 Idea Pelle

Mme Maria told you to clean the skin with the cleansing milk or to revive it with the shoe pad?

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Coffee, bark, stubborn dirt are skin enemies.

A sofa, like any leather object, needs periodic cleaning to maintain its “health”. Yes, because the leather sofa is a beautiful piece of furniture that is hardly fashionable, but how can it be cleaned effectively without the risk of harm?

Here are 10 tips to bring your leather sofa back to shine.

  1. Before choosing a cleaning method, always test the cleansing method on a hidden couch portion to check out the results, avoiding unpleasant side effects.
  2. Skin is a delicate material so no aggressive detergent products and sponges or rough cloths should be used.
  3. Regular cleaning (once a week) should include elementary and non-aggressive actions, such as a dusting decayed by a soft cloth or a deaf skin. If dirt is a little more stubborn, moisten a cloth with warm water.
  4. In case of increased dirt buildup, remove the vacuum cleaner, but be careful, use it carefully, without rubbing on the surface to avoid scratches.
  5. Once a year, polish your leather couch, use virgin wax that, besides softening and nourishing the skin, helps to renew its appearance.
  6. If the sofa is in clear or even white leather, it may be useful for monthly cleaning to give you skimmed milk. With a cotton swab soaked in skim milk you go across the surface, you will get a polishing and cleansing effect. Cold milk is also the best method to eliminate blemish or makeup spots.
  7. As an alternative to skim milk, use detergent milk, reminding you to rinse and dry the sofa carefully.
  8. For surface hygiene, good baking soda is suitable for you, spread it and leave it in for a quarter of an hour and remove it with the vacuum cleaner, finishing touch through a damp cloth wetted with lukewarm water.   
  9. Oils that are oily are the perfect blend of warm water and soap in Marseilles, but not before removing everything you can with an absorbent paper cloth.
  10. Whatever the method used to clean, you breathe your couch, so be sure to remove any traces with the aid of a clean microfiber cloth immersed in lukewarm water and then carefully squeezed.

If with these 10 tips you did not succeed in your intent, do not worry, WE ARE WE. Come and visit us in our showroom, we have the product for you. Or bring us your sofa IdeaPelle’s Leather Care Kit will give you a new life.


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