A wide range of different leather specifically for leather goods will allow you to find the article for which you are looking-you’re looking .

In this sector where many types of leather articles are used, we can claim to have a fairly good experience achieved serving some very demanding clients.
The articles in leather for leather goods’ have an excellently resistant finish and have an anti-water treatment to prevent them from loosing their colour during the dry and wet rub tests.


These are articles developed made on selected raw hides.
Based on their thickness and the client’s needs, we are able to provide full grain calf and veal skins both smooth and drummed with a soft handle and a special touch.
We can produce these articles, available also in pure aniline, in various colours up to date with the latest trends.


These are buffed hides on which we apply a finish that keeps in any case unchanged the features of the raw material. On the buffed articles we can also apply a light hair-cell print or other kinds of prints to preserve, despite the buffing, the natural appearance of the leather.


The use of suede and pigmented splits in the leathergood’s sector has always been very wide.
For this reason we have splits with different types of processing from high quality suede splits to pigmented and printed splits.
For few years now we have been producing laminated articles with metallic and changing effects and designs which copy the reptile skins.
For more information or if you are looking for any kind of split article contact one of our sales personnel.


The printed hides that we offer are made on bovine leather usually mm 1.0/1.1.
The handle of the leather can be more or less soft and it is possible to emboss various kinds of prints that exactly reproduce crocodile, alligator, skate and ostrich in various dimension, bigger or smaller.
Numerous colours are available in solid colours, two-tone, and brush off.
Contact us for more information or to see some samples.


These are skins from Scandinavian Salmon, Trout and Perch with a specific tanning for leathergoods.

Available in different colours and dimensions, they represent an innovative and particular article.
Contact one of our sales personnel for more information.


A line of bovine splits on which it is applied a polyurethane film..
Available in different thickness, to the clients that use by cast splits for leathergoods we are able to provide a variety of articles made with film and with matrix.
For these articles is available a wide range of prints and effects, ideal for the production of purses and belts.