For footwear are available articles in full grain leather, buffed, printed or patent.
We meet the needs of our European clients and lately we have chosen articles for the Asian market, especially for China and India.
The leather for footwear is available in different kinds and thickness and is produced on suede splits, calves, veal and bellies.
For more details on the footwear articles you can contact us and one of our sales personnel will show you the article that best meets your needs.

FOOTWEAR  Suede Splits

The suede splits that we offer to our clients can be made, upon request, on economical raw hides for the lower line, or on high quality ones for the clients who produce prestigious footwear.
The suede splits for footwear are available in various thickness from mm 0.8/1.0 to mm 2.2/2.4 and  beyond, they can be made even in the version for unlined shoes moss backed.
Suede splits can even be twice dyed to better fix the colour.
They can be made in any colour and even in versions waterproof, Gore or Scotchguard.
Clients, upon request, can have a writing effect more or less evident.


Ideal articles for medium to high quality footwear.
Very high quality leather available for this line of articles for footwear: smooth, drummed, shiny, matt, and with various effects which go from glass smooth to wrinkled.
These articles are made on whole hides and sides.
Baby Calves 7/12 square feet (whole hides)
Calves 10/14 square feet (sides)
Bovine 18/20 feet (sides)


Classic and durable product with its unmistakable writing
It is a leather with the sanded surface slightly to get a velvety feel that when handwriting leaves a writing.
Classic and unmistakable item, the Nubuck we offer is suitable for the production of technical footwear and leisure.
Available in the standard version, Gore, Scotchguard and Water Resistant, the Nubuck is a highly durable and versatile product.
It can be made according to EN standards for footwear, water repellent version, GORE standard and even greased version.


Articles made on pigskin and beef skins.
The lining made on bovine skin is available in the thickness mm 08 / 1.0 and mm 1.0 / 1.2 in full bloom and sanded.
We have recently proposed full bloom beef lids in the Chrome Free version (chrome free) and Metal Free (with tanning without heavy metals).
Depending on the needs of our customers, we can offer cheap, medium and high-quality lining, on mid and full skins.
As for lambskin pigs, we offer skins of European origin on crust and full aniline flower.
For more information on other pork liner products, please contact our retailer.


Made on split beef skins are available in a thickness of mm 0.9 / 1.1 or 1.1 / 1.3.
They are suede leather, soft and with a good hold of color to prevent this from being released with sweat on socks.
On request, tests are carried out by recognized laboratories.

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