Full grain articles have a light finishing that protects the leather, helping it to maintain its natural qualities.
Only the best selection of European skins are destined for the creation of full grain articles, that is without any correction.
These skins are unmistakable as usually the pores are clearly visible and have an unmistakable natural look, suitable for demanding clients who are looking for a leather truly special.
Some full grain skins are only dyed in the drum without any other kind of finishing, becoming part of the luxurious line of “PURE ANILINE LEATHER”. As they don’t undergo any kind of finishing, these skins are particularly natural to the touch.


Furnishing-specific beef skins that faithfully reproduce the skin of reptiles and other precious animals.
They are available bovine skin on various types of raw material on which a print is imprinted.
Numerous types of prints are available such as ostrich, alligator, coconut, breed etc.
On some of these skins you can highlight a bi-tone or pull-up effect (lightening).
In addition to those on-line, many other prints are available on request on whole or half-skins. Contact us for more information.


The items in full grain have a slight finish that protects the skin while helping to keep the natural features.
The best choices for European skins are to produce articles in full grain, that is, without any correction.
These skins are unmistakable because the leeks are generally visible and have an unmistakable natural look, worthy of a demanding clientele in search of a truly special hides.
Some full-flowered skins suffer only the clay dye treatment without any further finishing, thus entering theluxurious “PURE ANILINE LEATHER” range, these having no finishing layer are particularly natural to the touch.


A particular feature of pure aniline articles is their varied grain and through drum dyeing without finishing.
Sometimes a transparent protection is applied on the skins to help them preserve their natural characteristics.
Pure aniline articles, not having undergone any finishing process and being dyed exclusively in the drum, can react to the dyeing in different ways, therefore it is possible to find some variation in the colour between one batch and another one.


Skins with a very good relation between quality and price, resistant and with excellent rub fastness.
Usually made with raw materials coming from South America, on these skins, covered by a layer of pigment, the most requested prints are made, like MADRAS and URUGUAY in a thickness of 0.9/1.1 mm.
The skins with a higher thickness, like 1.3/1.5 mm can be stamped with prints more incisive and deep, like the print Dollaro that on lighter thickness tends to vanish when the skin is put under high pressure during the lasting.


Bovine splits for upholstery are used mostly to make the back parts of the sofas.
In order to keep the same shade of colour, these skins are almost always made together with those used for the front parts of the sofas .
Some customers are using this article also upholst  the whole sofa .
The skins are an average size of 33 square feet, thickness 0.9/1.1 mm and with an excellent cutting yield as generally they are free from deep defects.
The most common stamps used are Madras and Uruguay, even these skins can be made in any colour.


The skins for upholstery made with BY CAST technology are created by applying a film of polyurethane on the splits.
There are available various prints and numerous colours with or without a pull-up effect.
These hides are widely used in the making of sofas and chairs, as they tend to keep the appearance and the features of true leather at a reasonable price.
The sofas and chairs made with BY CAST splits are particularly resistant and easy to clean, so it’s for this that they lend themselves well for upholstery of all kinds, from private to public places.