The product for your “skin”

The product for your “skin”
22 May 2017 Idea Pelle

IdeaPelle Cleaning Kit


IdeaPelle has developed over the years an innovative and effective kit against stains and dirt on your skin, so that your sofa will last as long as possible. Leather care kit is a cleaning and protection kit for leather furniture. The kit is made up of three products: Delicate Cleaner (with its delicate sponge), Skin Protector and Ink Remover. Gentle Cleanser is a solvent-free cleaner designed to clean with delicacy and effectiveness without damaging the natural beauty and softness of the skin. Designed to minimize residual traces that may remain after cleaning. The Skin Protector is a highly advanced product that protects the skin from water, oil, alcohol or grease stains. Designed to make it easier to remove stains that are otherwise difficult to eliminate (10 tips for the “health” of your leather sofa) and form an invisible barrier that improves dirt resistance and facilitates cleaning. The Ink Remover is an aqueous product to be used on finished
skins or leather skins, specifically designed to remove recent print marks or lipstick finishes from skins and leather. Removal becomes more difficult as time goes by.

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